The Sixth
Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting (PPB09)
will be held at Insotel Club Punta Prima
Menorca, Spain

May 11th - 15th, 2009


The Seventh Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting (PPB11)will be held May 9 - 13, 2011
on the island of Cyprus at Coral Beach Hotel & Resort close to Paphos.
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The Sixth Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting was held in May of 2009 on the island of Menorca at Insotel Club Punta Prima. 130 participants gathered to participate in an exciting program. Lots of time was available for exchange of ideas and to hear the latest in the plasma industry.

This meeting was dedicated to the memory of David Hammond, who . .

The resort lies on the south coast not far from the major city of Mahon and very close to the airport. The island is served daily from Barcelona, Spain, Palma de Mallorca and several other major European cities. The island of Menorca is not as busy as the main island of Mallorca, but it has its own unique flavour and atmosphere. The optional tours were to show a little more of the island and were very popular.

The small village of Punta Prima with its restaurants and bars has its own sandy beach only 300 m from Insotel. There are several other interesting villages along the coast and one can borrow bicycles at Insotel.

The sixth Plasma Product Biotechnology Meeting is jointly sponsored by
CSL Ltd, Melbourne, Australia and GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.

Previous meetings were held
in Australia, PPB99, in Malta, PPB2001, in Curacao, PPB03
Crete PPB05, Elba PPB07 and on Menorca (PPP09)

If you would like to be listed in our mailing list for future meetings or have any questions or suggestions, please send us a mail.

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